Why NuStart?

NuStart is an all-new brand of vehicle remote start and security solutions, which was developed by the two leading innovators in the 12-volt industry: Firstech and Staub Electronics. When you purchase a NuStart remote start and security system for your vehicle, you can be assured that everything from the quality of the components to the service behind our products is second to none.

Drive in Comfort

Remotely start your engine with the NU1201 from up to 1500-ft away and enjoy the comfort of driving in a perfectly heated/cooled vehicle.

Luxurious Remotes

Every NuStart remote transmitter – from our compact 1-button remote to our beautiful 2-way LED remote upgrade kit – is designed and constructed with automotive grade materials built for everyday, comfortable use.

Smartphone Connectivity

All of the following digital remote starters are compatible with Firstech’s award-winning smartphone solution, DroneMobile:

• NU1201 Digital Remote Starter (4-Button)
• NU1204 Digital Remote Starter (1-Button)
• NU1404 Digital Remote Starter + Alarm (4-Button)