1500-ft max range remote start bundle with two 1-way, 1-button remotes. Includes CM900 control module.



  • 1-Way System
  • 1500′ Max Range
  • Remote Start
  • Keyless Entry
  • BLADE Ready
  • DroneMobile Ready
  • Diesel-Engine Safe *
  • Remote Upgradeable
  • 1-Year Remote Warranty
  • Automatic Vehicles Only
  • Limited Lifetime System Warranty
  • Water-Resistant Remote

* Additional parts and labor may be required.

Product Description

What is a Digital Remote Start?

“Digital Remote Starter“ refers to this system’s compatibility with BLADE bypass modules. These cartridge-style bypass modules can be loaded with vehicle-specific firmware that centralizes the installation process and eliminates unnecessary cuts/connections in your vehicle.

Drive in Comfort

Remotely start your engine with the NU1201 from up to 1500-ft away and enjoy the comfort of driving in a perfectly heated/cooled vehicle.

Water-Resistant + Durable

The remotes included with this system feature a high-strength injection molded body that is water-resistant and withstands everyday impact.